PPV GmbH & Co.KG Frankfurt Prozess


Each assignment is an individual project for us, which is set up specifically for the customer and goes through a structured process with us. 

Transparency and speed in the search process as well as close communication with our clients are very important to us. 

We master the method of direct approach , ensure a positive brand image and know where to find the candidates who make the difference.

Project information

Each project starts with a briefing. The strategic and operational aspects of the vacancy as well as the client’s company culture are described, resulting in a requirements and skills profile used to define the search fields for the subsequent search and selection process.

Market research

Our researchers identify the candidates within the search fields and contact them directly.

Interview and candidate eligibility

After successfully contacting the candidates, we conduct personal, competency-based interviews. The candidates are valued based on their professional qualifications, personality structure, skills and potential.

Presentation of candidates

This is followed by a written analysis in the form of a confidential report, containing a sound recommendation used as a basis for coordinating the presentation of candidates.

Completion and follow-up support

We provide support throughout the entire search process, from scheduling to signing of the contract, and will gladly be by your side, and the candidate’s side, as a confidant during the contract negotiations and the onboarding phase.


Our fees reflect the expected effort and the complexity of the search; they are firmly agreed upon before placement of the order.

The candidate’s success in your company is also our success.